Residency Director:

Tyson Green, DPM

Program Director

Phone: (337) 721-7285


Contact Information:


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Didactic Schedule:


Orthopaedic and Podiatry Preop/Postop Conference is held weekly, Monday, 6:30- 8 a.m. in the Medical Education Conference Room.  This conference focuses on presentation/discussion of surgical cases.  Preoperative, operative, and postoperative care, surgical indications, and complications are discussed in a case study format.  Residents will be assigned presentation topics during the week. A Power Point, reference article(s), and case summary are required for these presentations.


Fracture Conference held every Wednesday from 6:30-8am discussing different case presentations and fracture care.  Residents will rotate each week presenting these cases in a case study format.


Journal Club will be held on the first Wednesday of every month during lunch from 11:00am-1:00pm.  Topic will be given ahead of time and residents will present research papers with discussion among attendees.  The 12 month cycle is as listed:

July - Weightbearing status and bunionectomies

August - Lower extremity taping techniques and role of each type

September - High ankle sprain management in Athletes

October - Turf Toe Management

November - Orthotics and Injury Prevention in Athletes

December - Incidence of lower extremity injuries in college athletes

January - Calcaneal fracture management and when to operate

February - Diagnostic testing for neuropathy and objective values

March - Pediatric foot fracture management

April - Ankle fractures in the diabetic population

May - Surgical preoperative clearance protocol

June - Incidence of lower extremity amputation with and without podiatry involvement.


Grand Rounds held once a month on Friday morning 6am.  It will focus on a specific type of surgery, medical condition, treatment, etc.  One resident will present case while a panel of attendees that are pertinent to the case will be present asking questions and giving insight into the specific topic.


Morbidity and Mortality discussion is held every other month on the first Monday of the month to discuss specific cases that occurred within the hospital system where an adverse event occurred and resulted in harm or death.


Tumor board is held at Christus St. Patrick hospital every Friday during lunch.


Residents will be able to attend one scientific meeting per year such as APMA, ACFAS, etc which will be paid for by the program.


Residents during their third year will be able to attend 2 workshops given by ACFAS of their choosing at the programs expense.


Residents during their 2nd and 3rd year will be able to attend local/instate meetings such as LPMA and LOA.


Residents may attend any scientific meeting which they have a poster or manuscript accepted.